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Pure Mathematics meets Fashion

July 31, 2016 blog, Fashion


Hello there. Hope you are excited for the new week, or should I say new month?
About a week ago, on 23rd July, I was at Safaricom’s Michael Joseph Centre to witness a showcase of talent by creative Fashion Designers from Mcensal School of Fashion and Design.
The Event was dubbed La diversité class of 2016. As a photographer, the Fashion runway was an exciting scenary and I couldn’t help but get my camera up and “shuttering” with every catwalk down the runway. I was able to capture some beautiful designs, which I thought of sharing with you.
Today, I give you a glimpse into the genius mind of the beautiful, Viona Gitonga.
Here is a sample of her work, enjoy

Avant Garde

Inspired by the cathedrals gothic architecture, this three piece dress is designed for the daring and confident woman. Cape sleeves on the top, mermaid skirt with a balloon hemline and a detachable jabara piped piece. Made with three types of fabric ie. Organza, cotton and jersey. It is suitable for an event especially in the evening.


Model: Cindy Kimunto


Front View


Back View


Navy blue chiffon top and skirt

This is a two piece deign made out of chiffon and light gabardine, with and asymmetrical front and a high-low skirt with a tail. It is sexy yet sophisticated. Suitable for a date or an evening event.


Model: Bilha


Front View


Back View


Kilts are very common especially in the ancient history. I was inspired to design these outfits for a trendsetter in this contemporary world, for a film, a performer or just a normal guy who loves fashion and is not afraid to show it.


Kilt design 1    Model: Morris


Kilt design 2   Model: Dennis


Kilt design 3    Model: Daniel

So, who is the architect of this beautiful designs?

Viona Gitonga (22) is a graduate from Mcensal School of Fashion Design. She recently showcased her first collection at the La diversité show held at Michael Joseph Center themed ‘Pure Mathematics’ inspired by Gothic architecture. She has a passion for fashion and aspires to be a great fashion entrepreneur.
Contacts: Phone: +254710926832   Email: vmurugi@gmail.com

I hope you loved her work. I would love to get your feedback, kindly drop a comment and share.
Thank you, Miaron Billy.

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  1. This is brilliant and great work. keep up viona, you have a great future ahead. Thanks marrion for the beautiful clicks and the highlights.

  2. Great talent and passion from a hardworking young lady,This is just the beginning of great designs to come..Keep going,there is no limit to what you can do Viona..

  3. What I like about this site is that it feels more like a stream of consciousness that is sharing basically anything Fashion Photography that is deemed sharable.

  4. The avante garde has angelic shoulders and an African bum bum. Clearly religion can be used to inspire an African. The cream color radiates a rare purity of thought and allows the center of the design to shine through.

    The Navy blue chiffon top and skirt are a bit busy. The skirts beauty is fighting to come through and succeeds because of the bold curve and contrast offered by the cream color.

    The kilts are for the bold. They are evocative, aggressive, radical. The shirts make for a unique blend of color that accentuates the dark African faces.

    Way to go Fiona.

    Billy, keep the shutter clicking. Your shots are clear and a good substitute for the present eye.

  5. Message
    This is very impressive, the shots are great and the designs are fine. I love love love the navy blue chiffon top and a skirt plus the kilt modelled by Daniel. Those are my favorites. The rest are also amazing! Great article too!

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