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How to take Amazing Golden Hour Photos

May 25, 2017 blog, Photography


Hi everyone, thanks for visiting my website. I know it has been a while since i last shared a photography blog and today am going to talk about something I love, Golden Hour Photography.

So, lets start by defining this term, “Golden Hour” We all know that beautiful color gold has, so what exactly is golden hour? Is it a time that the world is painted in golden color?

According to Wikipedia; In photography, the golden hour (sometimes known as magic hour, especially in cinematography) is a period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which daylight is redder and softer than when the Sun is higher in the sky.

Ask many photographers and they will tell you that they prefer shooting anytime other than midday and preferably during the Golden Hour. Why? coz at midday the direct sunlight causes ugly shadows, especially in the eyes of the subject. However, in a cloudy day, shooting at midday is amazing coz of overcast light which is balanced. But today am not talking about midday photography but Golden Hour Photography, and to be specific, sunset golden hour.

This lighting is ideal for a number of different types of photography – landscapes, portraits, still life, and more – due to the fact that the light illuminates everything beautifully in a soft, golden color.

There are several things you can achieve as a photographer by shooting during the golden hour;

  1. Rim Lighting


    Golden hour is the perfect chance to capture some beautiful rim lighting. This occurs when the light is behind your subject, causing them to appear to have a glow around their profile. The glowing effect of rim lighting is especially beautiful with hair – or in landscape photography, with trees or blades of grass. In this photo, the sunlight is behind the cow, lighting its edges and giving it that golden glow around its profile. Beautiful, isn’t it?

    2. Silhouettes


    Golden hour is one of the best times for silhouette photography. By having your subjects stand in front of the light source, and shooting towards the sun you can capture some outstanding silhouettes.

    Bmpicz Travel Photography #temebeaKenya

    I took this photo while at Garden City Mall, Nairobi, sometime back last year, the sun’s effect on the clouds was just breathtaking to watch.

    3. Lens Flares sun flares

    Backlighting can also present a great opportunity for lens flares – just have your subjects stand with the sun behind them – but not fully blocking it like you would with a silhouette. Adjust your position to control the amount of light that reaches the lens. You may want to overexpose to show the details in your subject.

    4. Bokeh



    Golden hour presents a perfect time to shoot with a wide aperture and capture some bokeh. The golden hour can also highlight everything in the air – dandelion seeds blowing in the wind will look like beautiful flecks of gold, and bubbles will look like golden spheres. To capture bokeh – or beautiful backlit subjects – make sure you’re facing the sun.

    Here are a few other shots i took during the golden hour, have a look and feel free to share your feedback

    In this Photo, I took for Redbull Kenya, Remmy(the model) was facing the camera at an angle with the sun lighting her from the right, causing her face and hair to glow.

    In this Photo, I took for Redbull Kenya, Remmy(the model) was facing the camera at an angle with the sun lighting her from the right, causing her face and hair to glow.

  2. Bmpicz Travel Photography

In this photo, the model was blocking the sun with her back, making the edges of her shoulders to glow, with the sun providing a beautiful backlight. I used the camera popup flash to light her face.


This is it for today, Depending on the time the sun rises or sets at your city or country, Golden hours are usually the most beautiful, so, why not give it a try and share your experience?

For those who would love to book for an evening photography session, I would be glad to take golden photos of you,


Thanks for reading. Feel free to drop your feedback or share the article.

By, Billy Miaron

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  1. Great article Billy, I personally like the Rim Light and Silhouttes, thanks for the tips, will go try them out. Keep on sharing.

    1. Hey Carolina, thanks for your feedback, am glad u loved the tips. N true, as a travel blogger, great photography tips will really help u. Always ready to share tips n tricks

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