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Fashionholics; A view Through My Lens

June 8, 2017 blog, Fashion



While we definitely enjoy pursuing pictures of must-have clothing and street style; let’s inject some glamour into your wardrobe with this inspirational Ankara collection by Wangari Mathenge. Your dress code will always define your personality and style, but don’t ever let it be defined by the size of your wallet. Hello and welcome to my photography blog, am Billy Miaron, a freelance photographer and today lets talk fashion.

Keeping up with the rapidly-changing fashion industry might be difficult but with fashion bloggers like Nyawira Mumenyi, Liz Madowo and Fred Anyona; it is easy to get locally designed outfits. They select several outstanding designer clothes and post them up in order to inspire the interested audience. Ankara is probably the most versatile fabric in the world right now. It’s also stunningly categorized and the appearance is one of a kind.

Early in the morning as the sunlight came flooding through the city of Nairobi, I got the chance to do a street Photoshoot with the 3 talented bloggers. It was still chilly when we kicked off. With my assistant Tony helping with the lighting, Nyawira was the first to pose on the gravelly shoulders of the sidewalk confidently. Damn! She looked sexy as she brought out that dimpled smile. “If you don’t know how to incorporate prints in your outfit, start small, like a shirt/top/skirt and pair them with plain colored tops/pants” by Nyawira, Check out more of her style secrets on www.curveswithstyle.com


Nyawira Mumenyi of www.curveswithstyle.com


Nyawira Mumenyi, right in the middle of the street looking stunning

Next was the beautiful and fearless Liz Madowo. She couldn’t hide the excitement in her as she walked down the streets.


Liz Madowo of lizmadowo.co.ke


Liz Madowo of lizmadowo.co.ke all smiles


The details in the Ankara prints are just amazing

This strut reminded me of the two seconds I modelled before realizing it wasn’t meant for me” by Liz Madowo. For more of her bold, fearless and edgy style visit the blog www.lizmadowo.co.ke as she embraces her natural look.

It was time to showcase that men can also looking stunning dressed in the African Prints and Fred Anyona came into action, confident as a boss and walking in style.



Fred Anyona of www.soyoulikefashion.com.



Most people don’t (or choose not to) wear African brands based on the assumption that it is not very affordable and wearable” by Fred Anyona. For more details on how to incorporate Ankara print with the gentlemen style check out his blog www.soyoulikefashion.com.

If you are determined to pursue a professional modelling career and you feel like you have what it takes; then it’s best to follow Brian Nacials. He is a professional model at Versatile agency in Kenya but he’s born and raised in Uganda. “What’s with all the cuts? Or just fashion, tears, scream and makes you cry in a bad dream. It’s always in your life until you die” this is Brian’s point of view.

It was a saturday afternoon and the sun was blazing hot, but that did not stop us from doing Brian’s shoot. My makeup artist @patt_makeup was there in time to do a retouch to his dreads and face and we were good to go. After the shoot, I edited all of the photos using custom presets I created in Lightroom to enhance contrast and detail while reducing the vibrance of the images, here are the results.


Brian Nacials





There is nothing more awkward than a clueless model and a quiet photographer, but that was not the case with Brian. I admired how comfortable he was in front of the camera and how he posed effortlessly.

Regardless of experience, I like to give everyone a range of looks so that they are able to use multiple shots. Moreover, when a model steps in front of my lens, it unlocks my inner creativity and am able to tell a story with each shot. That’s it for today. To all fashion designers and models who would love to use my photography services, you can call +254728874401

Thanks for taking your time to go through this article. Loved it, share widely and drop a feedback.

Billy Miaron

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