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Desert Storm

June 27, 2018 beauty, Photography

Hi everyone. I feel like its been ages since I last shared a post on my website. Hope you are well. Sorry for being MIA. Am back like the Terminator. I have done several projects over time, both personal and client based and will now be sharing them. To kick-start us, here is a project I did earlier this year.

It is a story about my encounter with Khadija, the beautiful desert lady and the dilemmas of indulging in interfaith and cross-cultural relationships.

Wandering in the middle of a desert, covered by sand dunes, with my beloved camera in my arms and a backpack strapped on my shoulders, I spotted someone covered in a Veil. I don’t know where she came from, but I didn’t care, or is this just another desert mirage? I hear in the Sahara, its not thirst and the sun that kills you, but insanity and hallucinations. Immediately, I switched into sniper mode with my camera as she walked slowly towards me, inviting me to say hi to her. Does she speak English? I asked myself.

Its until she was 2 meters away from me that I had a clear view of her and knew she was real. She waved at me but didn’t say a word. She just stood there looking at me.

Khadija the Desert Lady

Oh!! what a heavenly view i had in-front of me. Despite living in what one would consider the most cruel natural environment, she still thrives in beauty. Her Powerful eyes glow with love, her face flawless and her heart is void of blemish. Dressed in a yellow Veil and a golden wrist watch, she is fearless, camouflaged and adapted to the desert environment, like batman in Gotham City. Her smile, hidden under the veil, just leaves my mind into imagination. Like a little paradise hidden from the desert storm, her lips smooth and safely protected from the scorching sun that dries everything in its path.

She is fearless, camouflaged and adapted to the desert environment.

As the desert storm roars behind her and lifts the fine desert sand into the sky forming clouds of dust, back-lit by the sun, she lifts her veil up and lets the wind blow it as a sign of embracing her natural environment. The storm doesn’t seem to scare her, she believes its the blessings from the gods. Waving the veil with her right hand and holding it tightly below her knees with her other arm, she dances in joy. Her beauty cannot be mistaken for anything else as she keeps eye contact with my camera lens as if inviting me to dance with her. Through my tiny d5200 camera viewfinder, I feel like she is looking straight into my soul, trying to find out what drives my passion for photography or if maybe, just maybe am falling for her charms.

She is like a Flower blooming in the middle of a desert

I get lost in a sea of my own imagination, thinking about this beautiful angel in a sea of sand and dusty winds. She is like a flower blooming in beauty in the morning sunrise of the vast Sahara desert. Her veil yellow like the petals of a sunflower, her figure so lovely like a princess dressed in her wedding gown dancing to her favorite music. I wanna embrace this flower and pluck her from all the mayhem of the desert, but before I could reach out  my hand to grab her, she comes to me and whispers in my left ear, “The desert is my home. This is where I belong, thrive and feel alive. If you wanna be with me, you’ve got to join me here, oh and am Khadija.”

Oh my goodness, her voice, I mean her sweet voice, so sweet that if one could ask me at that very moment to choose between freezing, dripping sweet ice-cream on a con and her voice, I would choose to listen to her without any second thought. Hold on!! Wait a second, Did she just speak English?

But here is the one Billion dollar question, “Should I drop my passion and get out of my comfort zone and live in this cruel environment and be rewarded with her love and beauty, or should I continue exploring and  wandering the world with the hope of finding another beauty in less cruel environment?” My thoughts are lost in the middle of a desert storm.

…. what do you think?(drop your comments below)


Nikon d5200 +50mm f1.8lens

Youngnuo 560 iii in a Godox softbox

Environment: My mini home studio

Model: Life as Bobo

Photographer: Billy Miaron  

Ill be posting an article every Wednesday. 

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  1. Wow! I love the creativity in the story. For once i felt like i was in a novel.
    And the Photos, eish. You doing great Billy.
    What do I think, go for her, Lol.

  2. I now understand why you had gone AWOL. I am happy the desert heat didn’t kill you but really feel for you having to leave the desert queen Khadija. I love how vividly you describe her and the desert, kudos keep up the good job and i really hope you saw Khadija and that your mind was not playing tricks on you leading you to see mirages. And about choosing between Khadija and photography that is what you call a real dilemma, i am also finding it hard choosing one, but not to worry i will pray for you,, hope you choose wisely hehe.

  3. Beautiful piece. Beautiful photography. Beautiful model.
    Keep at it bro. Beauty is thr greatest seducer of men. Follow your heart. Question is… Is it with the lens or it’s with Khadija the desert lady??

  4. Quite an intriguing piece!!! You can indeed be a writer also.
    From the flawless pictures, it’s evident that you were not hallucinating, your creative mind was in control.
    To answer your question: Dunia duara, hata ukizunguka kama Khadija alikuwa awe wako basi……..

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