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Best of 2016 Photos

December 31, 2016 blog, Photography

Hello there, thank you for visiting my website and reading my photography blogs. This is my last blog post in 2016. Being a photographer means that most of the time, you wont appear in photos and i love that, as it allows me to focus on others. Today, I am going to cover some of my best photos of 2016, mostly outdoor photography.

2016, I don’t know what this year meant to you, but for me, its the year that i stepped into professional photography, back in the last week of March.
Lemmi get technical a little bit, i begun with a Nikon d3200, + a Kit lens and a 50mm prime lens and used it to do all of my shoots till august when someone just decided to steal them from me, but my passion didnt die. through the help of amazing friends like Stephen Siloma (an awesome photographer and childhood friend), Darmi Jattani(miss Marsabit county 2015), Ben Yumbya of thebenyblog, Hellen Kang’ara and Simon of Lines Photography and many others, i was able to still work using their equipment.
In early November, i purchased a Nikon D5200 and been using it since then. So here is a collection of my best of 2016 photos, all taken using the three cameras,  Nikon d3200, Nikon D5200 and Cannon 1100D. Below each photo, I have mentioned the camera and lens used. I hope you enjoy.

1. Portraits:
Portraits are my favorite photos and here are some of my best portraits of 2016


Beauty:  Model: Vykietoriah   MUA: makeup by Marlyn   Camera: Nikon D5200 +55-200mm lens



Concept: Highlights vs Shadows  Model: Edwin Bitinyu  Camera: Nikon D5200 +55-200mm lens



Model: Mitchelle Wangui      Camera: Nikon D3200 +50mm lens



Portraits  with George   Camera: Nikon D3200 +50mm lens


2. Travel & Landscapes

Travel and landscape photography is another niche i enjoyed doing this year. here are a few of my favourites.


This was taken along Arusha -Dar Es Salaam Highway during a wedding location shoot. Camera: Nikon D3200 Kit Lens


City Scapes

Nairobi Reflections:  Location: Uhuru Park, Nairobi. Camera: Nikon d3200 + Kit Lens



Location: Garden City Mall, Nairobi Kenya. Golden hour silhouette. Camera: Nikon d5200 + 55-200mm lens


3. Fashion Runways & Model Portfolios

Working with different models and fashion designers, I was able to take a number of good shoots. See samples below.

model portfolio

Model: RoseMary Kamande. Dressing: Chic Ateliar Camera: Nikon d3200 + 50mm lens



Event: Fashion Runway, La Diversite at Michael Joseph Centre Nairobi. Model: Bilha. Dressed by: Viona Mirugi Camera: Nikon d3200 + 50mm lens



Lifestyle: Model: Grace Dressed by; Chic Ateliar. Camera: Nikon d3200 + 50mm Prime lens


4. Animals & Pets

Here is another interesting niche, this creatures don’t pose for photos, so its more of timing and patience.


Birds Silhouette perching on a tree. Camera: Cannon 1100d +70-300mm lens



This cat’s name is Tintin, He is my pet. I took this shot for NatGeo’s YourShot, when he was sun busking. Camera: Nikon D3200 +50mm lens



Crane at Amboseli National Park, Kenya: Camera: Cannon 1100d + 70-300mm lens


5. Events

Events Photography was another interesting niche. here the camera has to be always on and your finger ready to capture any amazing moment before it passes and vanishes into the infinity of time.


Festival of dots conference at Citam Thika Road. My Point of view. Camera: Nikon D5200 + 50mm Prime lens


DSC_1023 - Copy

A member of the audience capturing a moment at a Fashion Runway. Camera: Nikon D3200 + 50mm Prime lens



The GradPosal. If you haven’t read this article, then you missing on an amazing proposal experience. Camera: Nikon D5200 + 50mm Prime Lens


6. Concepts

Once in a while, i do concept shoots with different models, some for fun, some for stock photography.


Beauty meets Nature. Model: Darmi Jattani. Location: Ruiru. Time: Golden hour. Camera: Nikon D5200 +50mm Prime lens


Car Photography

Subaru Love. This night shot was taken at a basement car park in Nairobi westlands Kenya. Camera: Nikon D5200 + 50mm Prime Lens



Beauty Frozen in Time. When you freeze a beautiful smile against a beautiful background with water bubbles splashing in the air, this is what you get. Model: RoseMary Kamande. Camera: Nikon D3200+50mm Prime lens


Keep Praying

Keep Praying: This shot was for the Keep Praying article. Check it out here. Model: Hellen Kang’ara. Camera: Nikon D5200 + 50mm Prime Lens


7. Commercials & Adverts

Doing shoots for commercials and advertising purposes is fun and demanding since it requires a lot of skill and concepts, but if u get the final shot, its amazing. here is my collection.

baby photoshoots

A child’s beautiful Smile. Baby; Kylie. Client: Stock Photography. Camera: Nikon D3200 + 50mm Prime Lens



Najivunia Kuwa Mkenya. Client: Thebenyblog. Model: Mercy. Camera: Nikon D3200 + 50mm Prime Lens

bmpicz outdoor Photography Group

Unlimited Mobile. Client: Stock Photography. Camera: Nikon D3200 + Kit Lens

Hotel & Leisure

Hotel Beds. Client: Iroko Gardens, Kitale. Camera: Nikon D5200 + 50mm Prime Lens


8. Private Outdoor Photo shoots:

Atleast once a week, i get clients for outdoor photo shoots and from my big gallery, here are a few.


Model: RoseMary Kamande Camera: Nikon D3200 + 50mm Prime Lens



Location: Ruiru Railway Line. Model: Ben Camera: Nikon D3200+ 50mm Prime lens


Lifestyle & Fashion

Beauty in Monochrome. Model: Jackie Wandia. This shot was taken on a rooftop. Camera: Nikon D3200+ 50mm Prime lens


Well, there you go, hope you enjoyed. For other photographers or those wishing to be, you have realized that am a huge fan of the 50mm prime lens. Mine is a Nikkor F/1.8g 50mm Lens. Trust me, thats a must have lens. Its light, fast, has nice bokeh(background blur) and among the best in low light conditions like fashion runways. For Private Photography Lessons, you can contact me via Email: info@bmpicz.com or whatsapp: +254 728 874 401.

A big thanks to all the models featured. And to you my friend reading this post, thank you for your support throughout my first year, looking forward to a more exciting 2017.

As usual, I always love to get your feedback, so feel free to leave a comment below, and if you liked the post, share with your friends.

Happy new year friend.

… Miaron Billy …

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  1. Always enjoyable experiencing your workmanship. You have really grown and I can see what you have done through the year. Keep up the good work, Billy.

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