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Belleza Tribal

July 27, 2018 beauty, blog, Fashion, Photography

Belleza Tribal by Bmpicz Photography.

Hello, thank you for visiting my photography blog, Billy here.

I have some good news for all you photo lovers.  I have been doing different projects with other creatives and will be sharing at least one project every two weeks. The projects will be in pdf publications and the first publication is coming out today. Yeah right now, continue reading…

Last weekend I teamed with a group of creatives for a fashion photography project entitled Belleza Tribal. I know you are probably wondering where that name came from huh! You will find out soon. We had lots of fun, sweet potatoes and work to do to get it done. I think ill be caring sweet potatoes to all other photography projects. Those things are magical for keeping the sugar levels high. You should try them but do not forget something to drink, else you will choke on set haha.

Have a look and drop your feedback at the comments section below and feel free to share with your friends.

The project will be in a series of 3 publications and they are free to download.

The team consisted of:
Models: Ntinyari Mburukua
Harriet Chimea
Nelson Magaga
Brian Nacials
MUA: @chish_makeup_art
Stylist: @trendynation254

Definitely not forgetting @lynnkims who missed the photo-shoot but was very resourceful during the planning phase.

For my Photographer friends, here are the Gears used: Nikon d750 body, Nikkor 50mm f1.8g, Rokinon 85mm f1.4 manual lens, two off-camera Youngnuo 560 iii Speedlights in a softbox and a reflector.


Click here to View  or Download PDF version Vol 1 of Belleza Tribal. 

For fellow creatives, the project is also on Behance.

Would you like to work with any of the creatives who took part in this project? There is a link attached to their names that takes you directly to their Instagram accounts.

Thank you.

Miaron Billy

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  1. Hello mate, where can I buy the male cardigans??
    Hope you sell them.
    My friend is in the project and she looks amazing.
    Thumbs up.

  2. Bill!!! I’m so proud of you.. The creativity, the content.. Everything dear.. Everything. I’m proud of you👏👏

  3. WOW! This is breathe taking i came across this on an account of one of the models that took part in this,i was blown away this creativity is full of vibe,I would like to feature in your creative ideas

  4. I’m blown away completely I’m even shook to see it’s a shoot from July. I’m now convinced I want to do the exact same shoot with you Billy. Kindly share your rates

    1. Hi Lucie. Thank you so much for the kind words. And am looking forward to working with you. Call or whatsapp +254799221535

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