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Beauty in Imperfection

July 4, 2017 beauty, blog


Dear Body,

I write to you with lots of love and appreciation. Through the challenges of humiliation and growth you have never let me down. Here is something for you to feel and see how happy you make me,” by Antonette Frida.

An imperfection in someone or something is a fault, weakness, or undesirable feature that they have. In photography, imperfections can help to convey moods and I believe so many fail to see the beauty that lies in imperfection. With expectations high and my nerves low, I got the chance to meet up with this lovely lady.

Since my photography mainly focuses on outdoor fashion shoots and events, this time around I got into the world of Leisure and Hotels and the experience was one of a kind. Clarion Hotel was the venue for the Leisure photo-shoot. Even though we had never met before, Antonette was really comfortable when the photo-shoot begun.



As I was taking pictures of Antonette, I took the opportunity to ask her the motivation and purpose of the photoshoot. “Well! My body has a lot of flaws, while everyone keeps telling me how beautiful I am. So what better way to see your beauty than in front of a  camera?” She giggles and without heist I took the shot. “But the main reason is the passion of being in front of the camera and also the Leisure theme to it. I hope to be a Leisure blogger in future.”

Working indoors proved to be easier, as I could control the lighting using my speedlight and continous lighting. I also had the comfort of playing music as the shoot went on. Fun, right? And of-course being a hotel, food and drinks couldn’t miss.  During the evening hours the hotel provided a delicious meal which I enjoyed even though I had to rush to my next Photoshoot venue. It was nice working with her and showing her how beautiful imperfection is. Here are a few photos from the shoot, hope you love them.


Some tea time. (to fellow photographers, notice the light source?)



That moment where the movie character cracks a gooooooood joke



Breathing in the fresh breeze coming from the Clarion Hotel Windows



Comfort, beauty and Leisure cant be separated, and at Clarion Executive rooms, you are guaranteed of the trio



see, she was smiling in her nap. The comfort was real


the beautiful bathrooms fitted with warm bath tubs offered a great scene for this shot



Here i asked her to stand in front of the bright window, and with no other light source, i got a beautiful silhouette of her body.

Thats it for today dear reader. Thanks for going through the article and photos.

My message to every one out there, nobody is perfect. we all have our imperfections and thats what makes us human. Wake up everyday feeling great n knowing that there is beauty in imperfection. Wishing you a lovely month. Keep warm

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Yours Fav Photographer, Billy Miaron.


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  1. Waoh. Beautiful article Billy. I love the theme and the beauty in the photos. Surely we are all imperfect but still beautiful. Thanks for reminding me that.

    1. Thank u so much Antonette. I had a good time and am glad i helped you see beauty in imperfections. U inspired others. Also looking forward to more of your creative writing.

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