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Billy Miaron, photographer Bmpicz

Miaron Billy

Billy Miaron (Founder/ Photographer) Bmpicz Photography


Billy Miaron is a Kenyan freelance photographer and web Developer. His love and passion for photography started in his childhood, through exposure to national geographic books and documentaries by his father. He has always had an eye for photography and started his photography career using smart phones. In 2015, while volunteering for VSO in Kwali, Abuja, Nigeria, he was in-charge of the IT and Media Team, and using smart phones, he was able to come up with amazing photos and video documentary of his team’s journey in the three months of volunteering. This was the wake up call for him, to venture into professional photography.

In February 6 2016, with a hired Camera, Billy covered his first major event as a professional photographer, an anti-drug abuse campaign run by VSO Return Volunteers in Loitokitok.

In March 31st 2016, he bought a Nikon DSLR and has since then done different kinds of photography; Events, product, portraits, runways, fashion, car, wildlife and travel photography.

In June 2016, he founded Bmpicz, which stands for Best Moment Pictures and since then, Bmpicz services have been called upon by NGO’s such as Scripture Union of Kenya, VSO Jitolee and Hope Alive Foundation.

Bmpicz now has a team of three people and together they have covered different events within East Africa, from weddings to live festivals such as blankets and wine and Rebull Freestyle Champion, Tokura Freestyle Event in Kenya.

Photos taken by Bmpicz have been published on different websites and pages like Blankets & Winethebenyblog,  Redbull Kenya, Blue Moon Vodka , Zaqara Couture, Makeup by Marlyn and Patt Makeup.

Miaron is currently the official event photographer of Redbull Kenya, the travel photographer for Cheetah Revolution Safaris and a number of fashion bloggers in Kenya.

” I have always loved telling stories, but am not a great writer, so i use my photos to freeze moments and let the pictures tell the stories for me” Billy Miaron.

Once in a while, Miaron shares different photography stories, projects and challenges through the blogs section of the website.

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